February 22, 2018

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70 Americans Release Statement Protesting US Ambassador to Japan

On December 22, 2015, seventy Americans, including both celebrities and scholars, released a statement protesting a press conference held by US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy at Japan Press Club on December 17. The seventy Americans who signed the statement include the movie director Oliver Stone, American University Professor Peter Kuznik, MIT Professor Noam Chomsky.

They criticized Ambassador Kennedy for asserting that the current plan to relocate the Futenma base to Henoko is the best possible plan. They wrote that this plan would undermine the law, the environment and results of recent Japanese elections. They also wrote in the statement that Futenma should be closed, but that the Henoko plan is not the best way to achieve that goal. The relocation to Henoko would still threaten the environment and the safety of Okinawans, just like the Futenma base.

In addition, the seventy Americans referred to a speech made by President Kennedy at a 1963 graduation ceremony at American University. In that speech, President Kennedy argued against a notion of Pax Americana where US military force is called upon to maintain peace. Instead, he stated that peace is about human rights. The statement by the seventy Americans suggested that President Kennedy’s daughter, Ambassador Kennedy, should reread her father’s speech.

Source: http://peacephilosophy.blogspot.jp/2015/12/us-citizens-response-to-ambassador.html

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