February 18, 2018

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A Former Member of KAT-TUN Koki Tanaka Arrested for Allegedly Possessing Marihuana

A former member of KAT-TUN, Koki Tanaka (31), was arrested for possessing marihuana on the street of Dogenzaka in Shibuya ward, Tokyo.  According to officials, the SUV that Tanaka was driving suddenly sped up as if he were running away when it passed by a police car on patrol. The police officer who thought this to be suspicious demeanor stopped Tanaka’s SUV to ask him questions. At the time, he was in the car alone. The police officer then found dried marihuana dropped between the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat. According to the Metropolitan Police Department, Tanaka stated that he came to Shibuya to meet with his friends and he was looking for a parking lot. He claimed that the marihuana was not part of his belongings.

On the 26th, a house search of his apartment in Fukazawa, Setagaya Ward in Tokyo was conducted, and Tanaka’s female roommate entered a police car voluntarily to talk with police officers. She was wearing sunglasses and a white mask when she came out of the apartment and got into the police car.

Tanaka’s contract with Jonny’s was terminated in September 2013 due to his frequent breaches of the rules set by the agency.  Following the termination of the contract, he broke away from KAT-TUN. In November 2013, he formed a band called INKT with four other individuals and has since been working as the vocals of the group. Following Tanaka’s arrest, his agency, Natural Ace announced that both Tanaka and INKT will postpone all activities for the time being. INKT released their newest album “square” on May 3rd, and they had been holding promotional events every weekend. An event was scheduled in Suzuka city, Mie Prefecture on May 26th, but it was cancelled as well.


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