February 22, 2018

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Akie Leaks

Akie Leaks (https://akie-leaks.com) is a website that displays pieces of evidence of Moritomo Gakuen specifically regarding Akie Abe. Akie Leaks is an obvious play on words and refers to the first lady’s name Akie Abe and WikiLeaks.  Akie Leaks opened on March 24th and at the moment displays three videos of a lecture by Akie Abe at Tsukamoto Kindergarten in September of last year (posted on April 3rd), letters written by Yasunori Kagoike (posted on March 31st), a video of one minute and 26 seconds in length where a staff member of Moritomo Gakuen talks anonymously about the donation by Akie Abe (posted on March 31st), and also displays about 70 photos of exchanged messages between Akie Abe and the wife of Kagoike (posted on March 24th). As it is written that various materials will being posted on this website at the top of their home page, there may be more to come.

The website’s style is quite simple and consists of only one page, and does not display the owner or the writer. Since the Moritomo Gakuen scandal is currently the hottest topic in Japan, Akie Leaks must be attracting a lot of viewers. However, as of April 6th, there are no advertisements on the website indicating that the owner’s intentions are to be very likely to be purely accusatory, and not fueled by financial gain.

It could be interesting to hear Julien Assange’s opinions regarding the website.

Below is a recommended article on Akie Leaks in English by Korea Times.



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