October 18, 2017

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Machiko Hasegawa
  • Jump Magazine Exhibition

    The exhibition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine was held at Mori Arts Center Gallery at the 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower from July 18th, 2017 to 25th. Weekly…

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  • Yuji Ayabe Lands on New York

    Yuji Ayabe, a member of comedy duo, Peace finally left for New York on October 11th, 2017. His partner, Naoki Matayoshi saw him off at Narita Airport. When Ayabe left the airport, he was wearing…

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  • Korean Boy Band My Name PRs Language School

    ECC, a company that offer languages conversation classes, is offering Korean language classes starting in November. The members of the Korean Boy Band, My Name, have been appearing on advertisements to promote the new Korean…

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  • Sun Shower

    Sun Shower, an art exhibit featuring contemporary art by artists in Southeast Asia from 1980’s to the present day is taking place at Mori Arts Museum and the National Art Center from July 5th, 2017…

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  • The Fullmetal Alchemist Exhibition

    The Fullmetal Alchemist exhibition is being held at Tokyo Dome City Gallery AaMo from September 16th, 2017 to October 29th. The Fullmetal Alchemist is a popular comic series that depicts the adventure of Edward and…

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  • Kazuo Ishiguro Wins Novel Literature Prize

    On October 5th, 2017 Swedish Academy announced that the Nobel Literature Prize was awarded to Kazuo Ishiguro, a Japanese born British author who is known for novels such as The Remain of the Day and…

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  • Kiko Mizuhara Visits Shanghai For Shooting

    The model and actress, Kiko Mizuhara (26) recently visited Shanghai, China to shoot for the October issue of popular fashion magazine, VIVI China. Mizuhara is half Korean, and half American was born in Texas in…

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