March 25, 2017

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Machiko Hasegawa
  • Yuko Ogura Announces Divorce

    On March 6th, Yuko Ogura (33)  announced that she was divorcing Isao Kikuchi (46) , husband of six years. Kikuchi is a prominent hair stylist, who works for many entertainers.  They were very in love…

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  • Becky Receives Come Back Award

    On February 26th, the reception ceremony of the 17th Beat Takeshi’s Entertainment Awards was held in Tokyo and Becky was presented Come Back and Encouragement Award. Becky’s affair with Enon Kawatani, a vocal of a…

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  • Q-Pot Cafe.

    Q-Pot. Cafe is a cafe located in Aoyama that serves accessory inspired sweets.  The cafe is managed by Q-Pot. a company featuring sweets themed accessories designed by Tadaaki Wakamatsu. The cafe serves cute menu items…

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  • Hermes Artisan Expo

    The Hermes Artisan Expo that features the craftsmanship of Hermes is being held on the ground floor of Omotesando Hills from March 9th to 19th. The craftsmen from various Hermes factories in France are doing…

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  • Riyoko Ikeda 50th Anniversary Exhibition

    An exhibition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of a prominent manga artist, Riyoko Ikeda is being held in the hall on the 8th floor of Nihonbashi Takashimaya from March 8th to the 20th. Ikeda was…

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  • Berlinale Talents

    By Bryerly Long Films are born from the imaginations of individuals, and through many solitary hours of work, but they only materialize when great teams of people come together and make something happen. Berlinale Talents,…

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  • Childhood Dream Made Reality

    By Ana Nicole Vigueras LaRochelle My name is Ana Nicole Vigueras and I am an American student studying at an Temple University Japan Campus. It is an American university based Philidelphia but with a branch…

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