December 11, 2017

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Machiko Hasegawa
  • Blue Cave Illumination in Nakameguro, Tokyo

    Between November 13th and December 25th of this year, an illumination made in the image of Blue Cave, Grotta Azzurra is appearing in Nakameguro, Tokyo. The illumination is 1640 feet long (500 meters), and it…

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  • What is Abenomics?

    Abenomics is an economic policy proposed and implemented by the Abe administration. Abenomics is comprised of three policies known as the three arrows in Japan. The first arrow is monetary easing, the second arrow is fiscal stimulus…

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  • Afternoon Tea Room

    Afternoon Tea is a company managed by the Sazaby group which managed Starbucks in Japan until the management was taken over by American Starbucks this year. Afternoon Tea Living table wares, bath goods, stationery writing materials…

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  • White Christmas Tree at Kitte in Tokyo

    Kitte is the first commercial facility managed by Japan Postal Service. It is a multi-purpose building and it opened on March 21, 2013. The name of the building, Kitte, derives from the Japanese word for sealed stamp…

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  • The Results of the December 14th Election

    The results of the December 14th election were released the following day, with all 475 seats up for contention. 295 of those seats consist of districts in which the winner is determined by a first-past-the-post…

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  • Opinions For and Against TPP

    Against: 1. Professor Stiglitz at Columbia University (Nobel Laureate) During a lecture he gave in Tokyo in May 2013, Professor Stiglitz argued that the TPP is designed to benefit specific groups. He thinks the purpose…

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  • What is the Transpacific Partnership?

    The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is trade agreement, whose predecessor is the Pacific 4 (P4). P4 was a free trade agreement signed by Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, and Singapore in May 2005 and came into…

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