January 19, 2018

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Bicassa Rebalance Body Cream: AYURA

AYURA is a line of cosmetics and skin care products. AYURA was founded in 1994 and it is a Shiseido- related company. AYURA comes from the word “AYUS” which means life in Sanskrit.

An interesting aspect about AYURA is that it integrates both Eastern and Western philosophies. Another aspect is that their products are not only about improving superficial looks but rather both the body and mind. In this sense AYURA shares commonality with ORIGINS.

Ayura’s symbol is that of the tree of life.  One seed buds and grows branches and roots, and in time, it will create the world. Humans, flowers, birds and everything will be one under the tree of life and they’ll grow as they support  one another. The tree of life stands for an abundant tale where mankind, nature, and the universe harmonize.


One of the bestselling items of AYURA is Bicassa Rebalance Body Cream for the stomach. It won the 1st place VOCE, a female magazine which focuses on cosmetics and skin care items, Spring and Summer body care item award in 2014.

AYURA’s Biccasa products created a trend known as “cassa”, a Chinese traditional health method which became popular in Japan. Among three Bissa creams and plates the plate for stomach and cream  are the most popular.




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