January 21, 2018

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Bremen is a charity project by a popular band, Sekai No Owari aiming to put an end to the unethical killing of animals. In Japan, more than 150,000 cats and dogs re sent to pounds annually and 10,000 of them are slaughtered.

The leader of the band, Fukase, cherishes lives of creatures including insects and their song lyrics reflects his love for them. He came to love creatures due to the influence of his father who did not believe in fishing for pleasure. Kawatani and the rest of the members of Sekai no Owari believes that since the system of unethical killing was created by humans, it can be changed for the better by the actions of humans.

Sakai No Owari released a CD album titled Hey Ho which was dedicated to the project. In addition, from January to February 2017, they sold their stage sets used in their live tour “The Dinner” which was held in 30 locations across Japan in 2016 at Yahoo Action and all of the proceeds were donated to Bremen.



SEKAI NO OWARI、犬猫の殺処分ゼロのプロジェクトを開始!


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