September 21, 2017

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Bunshun Ho

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Bunshun ho (文春砲)is a reference to a scoop by a weekly tabloid magazine, Shukan Bunshun (Shukan means weekly). Ho (砲) is a Japanese word that means a bullet. For some reason, it is normally media outlets who call scoops by Shukan Bunshun this way, when they refer to Bunshun’s very powerful scoops. They tend to refer to the scoops where the level of revelation in the articles is very high. It is a phrase that is used by the media when they observe a scoop that is very powerful and decide to convey their opinions on it. It is not used by people in their everyday lives.

Bunshun Ho can include information such as scandals, entertainment and politics. Verbs that usually come after Bunshun Ho include, sakuretsu suru(炸裂)and renpatsu-suru(連発する). 炸裂 is a Japanese word that means to explode. 連発 means to do something consecutively.

In the most recent case where the words, “Bunshun Ho” is used by another tabloid, Shukan Shincho in their issue released on May 18th (the issue itself was dated May 25th, 2017).

The article was titled “「文春砲」汚れた銃弾” which roughly translates to Bunshun Ho dirty bullets. In this article, Shukan Shincho reported that Shukan Bunshun had been obtaining advertisements of Shukan Shincho in an unethical manner to peek at what they are going to be reporting in their next issue.

In response to the report by Shukan Shincho, the editorial chief of Shukan Bunshun, Aratani Manabu, wrote a statement on Bunshun’s official website and denied the allegations of stealing information and plagiarism that were claimed by Shukan Shincho.  

The article is addressed to all readers. At the end of the article Aratani also mentioned that the word, “scoop” is very heavy for them, and it precisely refers to exclusive information that does not allow to other media outlets to use similar information. He concluded the statement by writing that Shukan Bunshun promises to deliver exclusive scoops that they can be proud of themselves for to their readers.



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