August 16, 2017

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  • Louvre No. 9

    From July 22nd to September 25th, an event called Louvre No.9 is being held at Mori Arts Gallery Center. The Louvre No.9 is intended to introduce the Louvre BD (Bande Desinee) project to Japan. The…

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  • Ghibli Exhibition

    An exhibition looking back on the 30 year history of studio Ghibli is being held at Tokyo City View in Roppongi Hills from July 7th, to September 11th. The event features important materials of the…

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  • The Universe and Art

    From July 30th to January 9th, the Universe and Art exhibition will be held at Mori Art Museum.  

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  • Flowers By Naked Inc. Summer Version

    An exhibition, Flowers by Naked Inc., will be held at Tokyo Midtown Hall in Roppongi between July 30th and August 31th. This exhibition is the summer version of an exhibition with the same title which…

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  • Tokyo Tower City Light Fantasia

    Until April 13th,  a projection mapping featuring cherry blossoms will be held at Tokyo Tower each evening.  The projection mapping by Naked Inc. will be shown reflected in the windows of the observation platform of Tokyo…

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  • Pre-Raphaelite Exhibition

    Between December 22, 2015 and March 6th, 2016, an exhibition of Pre-Raphaelite and Romantic Paintings will be taking place at Bunkamura Museum. The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood were a group of seven artists, poets, and critics who…

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  • Flowers By Naked

    Between January 8th and February 11th, an exhibition, Flowers by the artist group Naked will be held at Nipponbashi Mitsui Hall in Tokyo. The exhibition, which uses digital flower displays, evokes a secret garden in…

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  • Flower Cafe by Takashi Murakami

    A cafe featuring OHANA ( flowers), a noted work by artist Takashi Murakami, is appearing at  Roppongi Hills  between December 28th, 2015 and January 31st, 2016. At the cafe, in addition to the displays of…

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