December 15, 2017

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  • Dog Day

    November 1st is Dog Day in Japan. Japan Pet Food Association designated this day as Dog Day in 1987, because November 1st can be written one one one which is dog barking sound in Japanese.…

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  • Jugoya

      Jugoya (十五夜)is the Japanese full moon festival which comes in mid September. This year, Jugoya is October 4th. Jugoya is also called Chu Shu No Meigetsu (中秋の名月)which means a full moon that appears in…

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  • Higanbana

    From September to October, flowers of higanbana come into full bloom in Japan.  

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  • Casbah Food Court

    Between September 8th and November 1st, Casbah Food Court, located at the Arabian Coast in Disney Sea, will be serving a special Halloween meal featuring black curry and chocolate cake. This menu item is meant…

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  • Disney Resort Line Special Version

    The Disney Resort Line is the monorail system that connects the four locations of Disney Resort. Currently, there is a special train on the line which has white train cars with a yellow streak along…

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  • Haunted Mansion “Holiday Nightmare”

    Between September 5th this year, and January 4th, 2016, the Haunted Mansion at Tokyo Disneyland will be decorated in the theme of Tim Burton's popular movie, "Nightmare Before Christmas."  It is a special version of…

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  • Happy Halloween Parade

    Between September 8th, and November 11th, Tokyo Disneyland will be featuring their Happy Halloween Parade. During the parade, Disney characters and dancers celebrate Halloween, and the harvest of Autumn, with pumpkins and cute sweets made…

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  • Sports Day

    In October, Sports Day used to take place throughout most schools Japan. It is a day in which many sports-related events are held, and where the entire school is separated into two teams: A red…

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