January 21, 2018

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    VIRON is a luxurious bakery managed by a Japanese company called Le Style, which uses flour made by a French company called Viron. Currently, VIRON has two stores in Tokyo, one in Shibuya and the…

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    MUG CAFE is located on the second floor of LOUNGE by Francfranc in Gaienmae, Tokyo. Francfranc is a label which sells a variety of goods including furniture, fabrics, towels, bed covers, table wares, candles, bath…

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  • Naniwaya Cafe

    Naniwaya is a prominent taiyaki store that was established by Seijiro Kanbe in 1909 which has a history of more than 100 years. Naniwaya is located near Azabujuban Station in the Azabujuan shopping district in…

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  • Afternoon Tea Room

    Afternoon Tea is a company managed by the Sazaby group which managed Starbucks in Japan until the management was taken over by American Starbucks this year. Afternoon Tea Living table wares, bath goods, stationery writing materials…

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