January 19, 2018

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Christmas Displays

  • Blue Cave Illumination in Nakameguro, Tokyo

    Between November 13th and December 25th of this year, an illumination made in the image of Blue Cave, Grotta Azzurra is appearing in Nakameguro, Tokyo. The illumination is 1640 feet long (500 meters), and it…

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  • White Christmas Tree at Kitte in Tokyo

    Kitte is the first commercial facility managed by Japan Postal Service. It is a multi-purpose building and it opened on March 21, 2013. The name of the building, Kitte, derives from the Japanese word for sealed stamp…

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  • Yokohama Takashimaya Christmas Display

    Christmas display featuring white colored animals, such as a reindeer, bears, foxes, owls appears near the main entrance of Yokohama Takashimaya until December 25. An interesting part of the display is that most of the…

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