March 30, 2017

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  • Hozuki No Reitetsu

    Hozuki No Reitetsu is a comic set in the world of Hell where due to an exploding population and evil spirits becoming violent, Hell suffers a shortage of employees and becomes chaotic. The main character…

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  • Snow White with the Red Hair

    Snow White with the Red Hair is a romantic fantasy comic about a girl who has exceptionally beautiful red hair.The heroine’s name is Snow White ( Shirayuki in Japanese), but that is the only similarity…

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  • Jin-仁

    Jin is a comic that tells the story of brain surgeon Jin Minakata who accidentally travels back in time from 2000 to 1862, where he performs modern medical procedures with limited resources. Dr. Minakata is…

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  • Piece of Cake

    Piece of Cake is a comic by the  female comic artist, George Asakura. It was originally published in the comic magazine FEEL YOUNG, after which a graphic novel was released in five volumes. The main…

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  • Orange

    Orange is a comic series about the friendship of a group of six high school students in Matsumoto city in Nagano Japan. The lead character is a 16 year old female high school student named…

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  • Saint Young Men Volume 12

    On November 20th, the 12th volume of the graphic novel, Saint Young Men, was released in bookstores in Japan. Saint Young Men is about Buddha and Jesus Christ enjoying a long vacation in Tachikawa City,…

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  • JP Books

    Report From London JP Books is a Japanese bookshop in central London, close to Piccadilly Circus underground station. It stocks imported manga and books. If there is a specific book you want and the shop…

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  • Attack on Titan No Regrets

    Attack on Titan No Regret is a spin off the comic Attack on Titan. It focuses on Levi, a major side character in Attack on Titan. Levi grew up as a street kid in the…

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  • Short Play on Titan

    Short Play On Titan is a parody four panel comic series based on Attack on Titan. Short Play on Titan is written by a comic writer by the name of hounori who is a different author…

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