January 21, 2018

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  • White Day

    In Japan, March 14th is White Day. White Day is a day when men give gifts to the women who gave them chocolate on February 14th. In Japan, on Valentine’s Day women give chocolates to…

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  • Giri Chocolates

    In Japan, Valentine’s day is a day when women give chocolates to men. There is another holiday on March 14th called White Day, when men give white chocolate or candies to the women who gave…

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  • 初詣 Hatsumode

    Hatsumode is an act of visiting a shrine to make wishes for the New Year. Meiji Jingu in Harajuku Tokyo attracts the most visitors in Japan. You can see articles with photos of people visiting…

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  • Christmas Food In Japan

      At Christmas time in Japan, it is common for people to eat Christmas Cake and roast chicken. The most common Christmas cake is short cake, however there are many kinds of Christmas cakes sold…

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  • Wedding Ceremonies at Chapels in Japan

    In Japan, people usually have weddings in either the Shinto style, or the Christian style. Only a few have them in the Buddhist style. Most Japanese people do not affiliate with a religion, so the…

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  • Obon

    Obon (お盆) is a group of consecutive holidays which occur in mid-August (between August 13 and 16) in Japan. Obon originated from the buddist tradition for respecting one's ancestors. During Obon, it is common for…

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  • Tanabata

    Tanabata(七夕) is a festival which is celebrated on July 7th. The festival is based on the story of Tanabata, in which a couple, Orihime (Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair), meet once a year on July 7th…

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  • Children’s Day

    In Japan, May 5th is a national holiday called Children’s Day. This holiday focuses primarily on boys, whereas March 3rd is a day to celebrate girls. While May 5th has historically been a day to…

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