February 18, 2018

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Dispatches From Japan

  • Submarine Memories

      By Gabriel Phillips When I planned my Golden Week holiday, I had never originally intended of visiting Kure. Don’t get me wrong, the town is absolutely lovely, but while Japan is a country of…

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  • Takamatsu: Backstreets and Bicycles

    By Gabriel Phillips Takamatsu has always been a funny city for me. If you asked a foreigner to point to Takamatsu on a map, they would probably point to Tokyo thinking that it was one…

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  • Reigniting a Forgotten Spark

    By Gabriel Phillips What strikes you first about entering Kyoto is how short it is compared to the rest of Japan. When I entered the Shinkansen, I was with my family in Tokyo station surrounded…

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  • The Charm of the Underground

      By Gabriel Phillips Considering the list of songs that have been penned about the London Underground, the city which Oscar Wilde dreamt wonders of, you would assume the same could be said of Tokyo…

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  • Tall Buildings, Warm Underbelly

    By Gabriel Phillips When it comes to travel in Japan I’m rarely lucky. I’ve somehow visited many different places. Despite this, I still remain wary of bad luck whenever I visit somewhere new. Part of…

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  • Cold Country, Warm Hearts

    By Gabriel Phillips Jumping off the overnight bus at 7:30am with no battery life on my phone at Aomori station, I was sharply awoken to a scene of Disney Fantasia proportions. The snow had just…

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  • My 10 Year Anniversary

    Hi everyone, so my name is Gabriel Phillips and I’m from London. I study Japanese at the university of Edinburgh but that’s a tad boring. I’m currently studying at Gakushuin University in Tokyo for a…

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