February 22, 2018

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  • Ken Maeda (1971-2016)

    On April 26th, entertainer and choreographer, Ken Maeda (44) passed away due to Ischemic Heart Disease. On the evening of April 24th, he vomited and collapsed while on the street in Shinjuku. Cause of death…

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  • Becky To Return to TV

    TV personality Becky, who has been on hiatus due to the scandal over an alleged relationship with singer Enon Kawatani, will be returning to TV on the show Kin Suma (金曜日のスマたちへ)which is set to air…

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  • Enon Kawatani Splits from Wife

    In a  May 9th blog post, Enon Kawatani announced that he and his wife have divorced in a mutual decision without involving the courts. The divorce comes as the result of Kawatani's affair with Japanese…

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  • Becky Writes Letter to Sentence Spring

    After the recent scandal involving entertainer Becky and singer Enon Kawatani, Becky wrote numerous letters of apology addressed to entertainers whom she had worked with as well as to the to the wife of Kawatani.…

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  • Harumi Inoue Reports From Kumamoto

    On April 16th and 17th, Harumi Inoue (41), a female entertainer residing in Kumamoto, wrote blog posts about the great earthquake that hit Kumamoto prefecture on April 16th, 2016. She reported that the streets were…

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  • Minami Takahashi Graduates From AKB48

    Minami Takahashi (25) a member of the ultra-popular girl group AKB48, performed her final concert on April 8th and “graduated” from AKB48. Takahashi stated that while she chose to leave the group, she was sad…

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