January 21, 2018

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  • Guardian Reports Becky Scandal As Sexism

    On February 8th, The Guardian reported the scandal over the infidelity of Becky with a married singer, Enon Kawatani, as clearly sexist. The guardian reported that the professional sanctions, including losing all of her TV…

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  • Becky On Temporary Hiatus

    On January 28th, Sun Music, the influential agency which represents entertainment personality Becky, announced that she will take a one month leave of absence from all of her professional commitments. Sun Music commented that Becky…

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  • Smap Apologies Live on TV

    On the January 18th episode of their TV show SMAP SMAP, the five members of the group SMAP discussed the recent scandal arising from their potential break up. The apology was broadcasted live on air,…

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  • SMAP Faces Crisis and Potential Break Up

    In the January 21 issue of the weekly magazine Shukan Shincho (週刊新潮), it reported that the popular boy band, SMAP, is facing crisis, with rumors of a possible break up swirling around. According to Shukan…

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  • DAIGO’s Sister Comments on Brother’s Marriage

    On January 11th, DAIGO’s sister, graphic novel artist Eiki Eiki, released a statement about her little brother’s marriage on her blog. She wrote, “my little brother married the actress Keiko Kitagawa. Yay! Congraturations! Finally, Keiko…

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  • DAIGO and Keiko Kitagawa Announce Marriage

    On January 11th, the singer/entertainer DAIGO and the stunningly beautiful actress Keiko Kitagawa held a press conference announcing their marriage. They stated that they submitted the notification of their marriage on January 11th at 11…

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  • Fukase Supports Enon Kawatani

    On January 8th, Fukase, vocalist of the popular band, Sekai No Owari, tweeted in support of his friend, Enon Kawatani. Fukase stated that whatever the reports about Enon may be, I support the music that…

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