August 17, 2017

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  • Sayonara

    Sayonara is a movie released in 2015 that portrays the friendship between Tanya, a Western woman living in Japan who suffers from illness for a long time and Leona, an android nurse who has taken…

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  • Louis Kurihara

    Born in 1994 to a British father and Japanese mother, Louis Kurihara is a model and entertainer. Kurihara is fluent in both Japanese and English, and lived in New York between the ages of five…

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  • Atsugiri Jason

      Atsugiri Jason (厚切りジェイソン) is an American comedian and an executive at an IT company. He was born and raised in Michigan, where he graduated from Michigan State University. He holds Master’s degree in Computer…

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  • Ishida Family

      Junichi Ishida’s family, commonly referred to as the “Ishida Family” by the media, have been reported giving the following biographical information: Ishida was born in Tokyo in 1954 to an NHK anchor father. He…

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  • Wife of MLB Player Becomes Entertainer in Japan   Lauren Mikolas (27), wife of Tokyo Yomiuri Giants pitcher Miles Mikolas (who previously played for the Texas Rangers), has recently started a career as an entertainer in Japan. Lauren's beauty gained a lot…

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