February 22, 2018

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  • Gelatoni

    Recently, Disney introduced another character exclusively for Tokyo DIsney Sea, named Gelatoni. Gelatoni, a cat, is a painter who paints by using his tail as a brush. When Duffy was walking with Mickey Mouse around…

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  • Duffy

    Duffy is a character exclusive to Tokyo Disney Sea. At Tokyo Disney Sea you can meet Duffy in person, as well as purchase Duffy merchandise. Duffy has a girlfriend named ShellieMay who you can also…

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  • Tokyo One Piece Tower

    Tokyo One Piece Tower is a One Piece themed amusement park which opened in March of this year and is located between the 3rd and 5th floors of Tokyo Tower. One Piece is a popular comic about…

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  • Yo-kai Watch

    Yo-kai Watch is a popular story among children which several anime movies, comics, and 3DS Nintendo Games have been based on. The leading character of Yo-kai Watch is, Keta Amano, who is 10 years old…

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  • Big Hero 6 and Tekken

      (The image is retrieved from http://trendnews.tokyo/?p=157). Tekken is a Japanese flip book artist. He was originally popular as comedian, but his flip books became popular and now he is better known as a flip book artist. His…

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