January 19, 2018

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From One Wor(l)d to Another

  • Christmas Memories

    Bryerly Long I was born in Arlington, VA, in the midst of a snow storm in early January 1988. Of the following seven Christmas holidays spent in the US, I have little memory, except that…

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  • Berlinale Talents

    By Bryerly Long Films are born from the imaginations of individuals, and through many solitary hours of work, but they only materialize when great teams of people come together and make something happen. Berlinale Talents,…

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  • Working as an Actress in Japan

    By Bryerly Long After graduating in 2010 from Oxford University in Oriental Studies, I moved to Japan to work with Seinendan, the theatre company of Hirata Oriza. Senda Akihiko, a leading Japanese theatre critic, introduced…

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  • On Returning to Oxford

    By Bryerly Long Six years after graduating, at 28, I returned to visit Oxford with my father. We walked through the meadows with my dog Sam, along the Thames River, passing by the Perch Pub,…

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  • Why I Chose to Study Japanese

    By Bryerly Long After Sarajevo, my sister and I lived for the better part of a year in the French countryside with my maternal grandfather, Bill, and his wife, Alice. I attended a boarding school…

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  • An International Childhood

    By Bryerly Long Frequently people ask what drew me to Japan, where acting in theatre and film I have spent the better part of my twenties. Born in Washington, DC, in the US in 1988,…

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  • Yuki Matsuri: Experiencing the Winter in Hokkaido

    Last year, I was able to travel to the northern region of Japan, Hokkaido to visit Yuki Matsuri. In Japanese, “yuki” means “snow” and “matsuri” means “festival.” So, Yuki Matsuri is a festival that features…

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  • Sanja Matsuri: The Shrines’ Parade

    By Marcela Cofre Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Sanja Festival, which takes places every third weekend of May. My friends and I decided to go on Sunday, since it is the…

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