January 19, 2018

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  • Fountain Shows

      As a part of the Jewell Illumination at Yomiuri Land, a fountain show with lights can be seen at the Aqua Jewelry Beach there. In addition to this regular fountain show, there is also…

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  • Jewell Illumination

    Between October 16th and February 14th, the amusement park, Yomiuri Land, is hosting the Jewell Illumination which features millions of lights in the colors of jewels. According to Walker Plus, Yomiuri Land has hosted the…

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  • Street Illumination of Trees in Marunouchi,Tokyo

    The illumination in Marunouchi Tokyo can be seen until February 15, 2015. The 240 trees on Marunouchi Nakadori Street is illuminated gracefully with LED lights of a champagne gold color.The number of the LED light bulbs…

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