January 19, 2018

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My Life In Japan

  • Gontran Cherrier in Jiyugaoka

    Gontran Cherrier Jiyugaoka opened in October of last year in the same location where RITUEL was. RITUEL closed in September of last year, and a lot of Japanese people say that RITUEL closed because their…

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  • Paris Galerie Lafeyette

    By Marc I went back to France to spend Christmas and New Year holidays in Paris. I want to share my photos with you. Je suis rentré à Paris en France durant les vacances de…

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  • Pekochan Yaki

    Just beside the entrance to Iidabashi Station, there is a store with lines out the door. It's called Fujiya’s Pastry and I couldn't resist taking a look. The store's mascot is Pekochan, a little girl…

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  • Zenkokuji

      After eating at La Brasserie at the French Institute, I returned to Iidabashi station to explore the Kagurazaka district. Kagurazaka is close to Iidabashi, and has a long history. When visiting Tokyo, I like…

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  • La Brasserie

      The last thing I did during my visit to Institute France was going to eat at La Brasserie, a restaurant located just next to the Institute. The restaurant is managed by Institute France and plays an important…

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  • Bookstore

      By Marc After the discovering the institute, I went to the bookstore located directly across from the entrance. The bookstore is charming, reminding me of a small independent bookstore in Paris. Living in Japan, I miss reading…

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