April 29, 2017

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Political Stories

  • Two Roles That Politics Should Play

    Bunta Sugawara was a prominent actor and he appeared in many movies since his debut in 1956. He passed away on the 28th of November in 2014 due to cancer. A lot of his fans…

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  • Burasagari

    Burasagari is a slang word commonly used by Japanese correspondents. It means a quick interview on MPs who are moving from one chamber to another in parliament, done by correspondents with IC recorders and memo…

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  • Reading the Air

    In Japan, there is a custom called kuki wo yomu, which literally translates to “reading the air.” It is used to refer to Japan’s indirect culture, where a lot of communication depends on nonverbal cues.…

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  • Akie Leaks

    Akie Leaks (https://akie-leaks.com) is a website that displays pieces of evidence of Moritomo Gakuen specifically regarding Akie Abe. Akie Leaks is an obvious play on words and refers to the first lady’s name Akie Abe…

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  • Doraemon Analogy on Donald Trump

    On February 13th, Secretary General of the Democratic Party, Yoshihiko Noda criticized Prime Minister Abe’s response to Donald Trump's policy on immigration using an analogy about the famous character, Doraemon. In the press conference, Noda…

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  • Akkido Case

    In a Diet session on March 2nd, MP Taro Yamamoto referred to the Moritomo Gakuen case as the Akkido case (アッキード), which is a play on words of the Lockeed case (ロッキード)and the nickname of…

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  • Nagata-cho and Kasumigaseki

    It is common for English-language news reports to use a country's capital to refer to the government of that country. For example, "Washington" refers to the government of the United States, and "Beijing" refers to…

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  • Hibakusha

    Hibakusha (被爆者) is a Japanese word used to refer to people whose health was damaged by the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. According to the Ministry of Health and Labor, the total number of hibakusha in…

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