November 17, 2017

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Political Stories

  • Kaketsuke Keigo

    Kaketsuke Keigo ( 駆けつけ警護) is a commonly used phrase that indicates that if the SDF is engaged in PKO activities and foreign military officials or civilians (like NGO workers) are endangered, then the SDF will “kaketsuke” (run fast)…

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  • Diet

      "Diet" is the English word for the Japanese Parliament. It is the official translation for the Japanese word meaning Parliament. However,  I have encountered several native English speakers who did not know what "Diet"…

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  • Nuclear Village

    Nuclear village is a term that describes the groups who benefit from nuclear power. For example, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, nuclear reactor manufacturers, and electric power companies (TEPCO), electric power associations, local…

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  • Three Bans

    In order for someone to become a politician in Japan, he or she usually needs three bans: jiban, kanban, and kaban.  Jiban means the support of area ( your father is already elected in the area). Kanban means…

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