May 30, 2017

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  • Tangled: Lantern Tree

    Tangled themed lantern tree is being displayed in front of Hikarie building in Shibuya until December 25th.    

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  • Konbini

    Konbinis are small supermarkets that are open for 24 hours. The word “konbini” is a shortened version of the English phrase “convenience store,” and people in Japan usually refer to such stores as konbinis. Japanese…

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  • Hina Doll Painting by Bottle Caps

    I recently went to Konosu to see Konosu Hina festival. Konosu is known for both manufacturing  hina dolls and growing flowers.  I found a painting of hina dolls made from bottle caps. I did not…

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  • Amusing Advertisement

    This is an advertisement from Japanese glass J!NS at Takatanobaba Station on the Yamanote Line. I thought this advertisement was very funny. I wish there really were glasses that kept people awake.

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  • Pet Leave

    In Japan, some companies, like Amazon Japan, have adopted Pet Leave.  This policy permits employees to have a day off when their pets get sick.  They can appply to request  days off and, if approved,…

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  • Tanabata Greeting Parade

    Between June 24 and July 7, Tanabata Greeting Parade takes place twice a day at Tokyo Disney Land.                  

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