November 25, 2017

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Weight Loss

  • Edo Harumi Loses 39 Pounds with Rizap

    A comedienne Edo Harumi (52) lost 39 pounds (18 kilo grams) in five months with the Rizap program. Her commercial started being aired on April 10th. Rizap is a fitness company that trains clients individually…

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  • Taikobics

    Taikobics is a combination of music on the Taiko, a traditional Japanese drum, and aerobics. Taikobics was invented by Taiko-Lab, the biggest Taiko school in Aoyama, Tokyo. To the beat of the Taiko, people can…

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  • Hot Water: Sayu

    Sayu means plain hot water in Japanese. Sayu is written like this: 白湯. 白 means “white,” and 湯 means “hot water.” Recently, drinking Sayu has become popular among female Japanese entertainers as a method of…

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  • V.A.A.M

    VAAM (Vespa Amino Acid Mixture) is a weight loss product created in 1995 and distributed by Meiji. VAAM is popular among people who exercise and is sold not only at pharmacies, but also at gyms.…

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