January 19, 2018

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DisneySea –Aussie Childhood Memories Relived in Japan

By Anna Nguyen

When my family said they wanted to visit me in Tokyo on the last week of January 2016, I knew that I had to take them to DisneySea, which is in the Chiba Prefecture next to Tokyo. Unfortunately, we couldn’t fit both Disneyland and DisneySea in their short trip, so we decided to visit DisneySea instead because all the reviews online mentioned that the park better suited for adults was in fact DisneySea.DSC00041

After arriving at the park, we were completely blown away by the Mediterranean Harbour. From the cobble walkways to the music and the sight of the “Venetian Gondolas”, we really felt like we were walking along the streets of Venice. The rides we started off with first were the parent friednly ones that had a waiting time of less than 15 minutes. We began with the DisneySea Transit Steamer Line which gave us such a great insight into how massive the park actually was and what we were to expect. It did a loop of the lake in the park and dropped us off at a different point than when we first entered. That ride only heightened our excitement even more and we couldn’t wait to start getting on actual rides. It was so funny watching my brothers – the youngest being 16 – behaving like little kids again as if they’d just seen a roller coaster for the first time. It then hit me just how fast we’re all growing up and how much I was glad to be exploring DisneySea for the first time with them.  


Our next stop was Jasmine’s Flying Carpets, which was in the Arabian Coast and it was as if we just stepped into the Aladdin movie. Its surroundings did a very good job of making us feel like we were in the middle of a desert with the sound of water from the fountains around us, but when in reality, our hands were completely numb from the Japanese winter. When passengers sit on “Jasmine’s Carpet” two buttons  enable the ride to go up or down as it spins around. We actually didn’t notice the buttons until the last rotation of the ride as we were too engaged in the view that surrounded us. Whilst the feeling of the crisp cold wind in our faces was very refreshing, we could enjoy another view that illustrated the size of the Arabian Coast and how crowded the park was. We were getting more and more impressed by the minute.


Another ride that we were so fascinated with in the Arabian coast was the Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage, which took us to the story of Sindbad on a boat with dolls modeled after characters from stories singing on both sides of the water. I was amazed to see the animatronic characters of the story singing and dancing so realistically.  Plus, my brothers and I couldn’t stop singing the song, Compass of Your Heart, for the rest of the day.


The last ride for the day was the Tower of Terror and this ride definitely lives up to its name. The whole time, I kept imagining what would happen if I fell out of my chair as we were being thrown vertically at scary speeds.

I really had good time at DisenySea and so did my family. I can’t wait to visit the park again. The next time, I would definitely go on the Venetian Gondolas and Journey to Center of the Earth ride!



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