April 29, 2017

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DisneySea Welcomes Duffy’s New Friend

This spring DisneySea introduced a new friend of Duffy’s, Stella Lou, a female rabbit that dreams of becoming a dancer on Broadway. On March 23rd, the Duffy and Friends Happy event was held at Hotel Miracosta to introduce the character to fans. On March 30th, items of Stella Lou such as stuffed animals, coin cases and bags started being sold at DisneySea. On April 4th, greeting parades with Mickey Mouse, Duffy and Stella Lou in an open car that circulates around the American Waterfront area at the park began. Mickey’s friend Duffy the teddy bear was introduced in 2005, and his girlfriend, Shellie May, who is also a teddy bear was introduced in 2009. Following this, Gelatoni the cat, who is a painter was introduced in 2014.




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