February 22, 2018

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Doraemon Analogy on Donald Trump

On February 13th, Secretary General of the Democratic Party, Yoshihiko Noda criticized Prime Minister Abe’s response to Donald Trump’s policy on immigration using an analogy about the famous character, Doraemon. In the press conference, Noda criticised Donald’s policy where he prohibited the entry of Muslims to the US from seven different countries in the Middle East.

He criticized Abe for avoiding to make any comments on the immigration policy and stated that is Abe is just like Suneo.  Suneo is a character from Doraemon who is a spoiled lad from a very wealthy family. He is very mean to weak people and curry favors with the bully, Gian.

Noda also stated that Shizuka-chan courageously make assertive comments. Shizuka-chan is a good girl character in the Doraemon show, and according to Sankei Shimbun, Noda’s reference to Shizuka-chan was implying she was like the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Doraemon is a comic series by Fujiko Fujio, both the comic book series and animation on TV are quite popular and all Japanese people know about Doraemon. The animation series of Doraemon was aired in February, 2016 by the Disney Channel throughout the US.  




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