January 21, 2018

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The Dream Road

Poker cards and chips

When I was young I would always think about my future career path.  I didn’t have certain aspirations that an adolescent would possess.  I thought that I would be an astronaut, wrestler, or a commentator for sports.  My parents were not the stereotypical asian parents who demanded their children to grow up to be a lawyer, doctor, and other highly paid careers. They were supportive of me as long as I had a genuine passion for the pursuit of a career.

One day when I was a sophomore in high school I stumbled upon the World Series of Poker.  What is this sea of humanity sitting across from each other?  The sound of chip shuffling, cards hitting the felt, players voicing their actions, and the obscene gestures from victory and defeat.  I was immediately drawn into the spectacle of madness.   In 2001, the WSOP (World Series of Poker) was won by a fitting persona named, Chris Moneymaker the game of poker soared to unparalleled heights.  That was the first year that they televised poker with cameras that displayed the players hole cards.  That would bring another level of excitement to the viewers as big bluffs and great value bets are being made.  And fans are able to digest the whole psychology behind the art of poker.  The tournaments consists of 12 hr days in a stretch of a 7 day period.  After that broadcast of the WSOP poker took off like wildfire in every casino across America to the virtual felt (online poker).

This was an easy decision for me to not dream about a career, but to be able to manifest this profession into a reality.  I had a strong hunger to become a professional poker player.  I would attend many poker nights between my friends from high school.  We would play tournaments back then with a $5.00 buy in.  Their was one kid in particular who won consistently.  I was fed up with my skills at that point because I knew I had to be way better than this.  One day I ended up at a Barnes and Nobles to scour around the gaming section.  The bookstore had an array of books based on poker.  I purchased about 3-5 books to gain an edge against my friends.  Slowly applying the lessons that I have learnt from these books and I started to win on a consistent basis.

Written by Arthur

He is a second generation Japanese that was born in the US.


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