January 22, 2018

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Face & Eye Color CS by Paul & Joe

Paul and Joe


Paul & Joe Beaute is a cosmetic and skin care line from the French clothing label, Paul & Joe by Sophie Mechaley. Mechaley started her original men’s collection in 1995, which was followed by her women’s collection in 1996. She launched Paul & Joe in 2002, naming the label after her two sons. In Japan, Paul & Joe Beaute is distributed by Albion, an affiliate of the major Japanese cosmetic and skin care company, Kose.

The theme for Paul & Joe’s Spring 2015 collection is “Menagerie,” which is the French word for zoo. Paul & Joe Beaute’s animal-themed products are meant to evoke an idyllic zoo. This is the kind of zoo where a woman can reminisce about spending a beautiful spring day with her father during her childhood as she holds hands and walks with her partner.

Face & Eye Color CS is one of the product lines in the Menagerie collection. Each compact contains four colors. A large elephant-shaped portion contains one color for blush, while the other three colors (shaped like a cat, a rhinoceros and a bird) are eye shadow. Each one costs 4500 yen.


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