November 25, 2017

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Flower Garden at The Red Brick Warehouse

IMG_7968 2Between March 28th and April 19th, Aka Renga Soko (The Red Brick Warehouse) is hosting Flower Garden 2015. The Red Brick Warehouse in located on the waterfront in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. The Red Brick Warehouse has been traditionally used as warehouses, however in 2013 it was repurposed to become a mall featuring host cafes, restaurants and shops. This is the 9th time that The Red Brick Warehouse has hosted the Flower Garden. Each year, Flower Graden has different theme. This year’s theme is “concerto,” with the Red Brick Warehouse promoting interactions between flowers, cultures and visitors. This year, the Flower Garden will feature more than 47,500 flowers and 30 potted plants, the highest amount of flowers and potted plants ever used in the Flower Garden. The flowers are planted in three separate flower beds, each of which are made in the image of a Flower Carpet, much like the ones found at a similar festival in Belgium. Moreover, the design pattern of the flower beds are based on Shokko Nishiki, which is a traditional Japanese pattern. The colors of the flower beds are based on the colors of traditional Turkish carpets known as Kilim. By combining several kinds of ethnic cultural arts, the Red Brick Warehouse is expressing the concerto of different cultures. It is the organizer’s wish that people can savor the taste of spring through this event.   IMG_7957 IMG_8025-e1428634703270 IMG_7998-e1428634851750




Shokko Nishiki

Shokko Nishiki

Kilim  The image is retrieved from

The image is retrieved from

Flower Carpet in Belgium

Flower Carpet in Belgium

Digital Flower Carpet by team Lab can be seen at Tokyo Bay until May 10th


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