February 18, 2018

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FRIDAY Unveils the Three Year Romance between EXILE ATSUSHI and Elementary School Teacher

A tabloid magazine, FRIDAY released on September 29th, 2017 reported the three year relationship between ATSUSHI (37), a lead vocal of boy band, EXILE, and a beautiful female elementary school teacher in her 20’s. According to FRIDAY, ATSUSHI met her four years ago at a bar where she worked for as a part-time job while she went to a national university. The owner of the bar and ATSUSHI were friends and ATSUSHI visited the bar celebrating bonenkai, the end of the year party where she was working. She was not interested in entertainers, so she did not approach ATSUSHI by herself, but he was attracted to her when he saw her at the bar and at the end of the party, he asked for her name and number. They became known to each other and filling emotional distance little by little since then, and at the Christmas three years ago, ATSUSHI invited her to a luxurious membership restaurant and asked her to date him officially. The article of FRIDAY posts the two photos of them at the restaurant, and also a photo of ATSUSHI’s girlfriend walking home from the public elementary school where she teaches. In the three photos, her eyes are censored to help protect her identity and privacy. At the end of September, a reporter of FRIDAY asked her about her relationship and if she is thinking about marrying him. She did not answer. On the same day, FRIDAY asked ATSUSHI for an interview regarding their relationship, ATSUSHI submitted a comment, I am not meeting with her anymore. We have been already walking on separate paths. I would like for us to have some privacy.

ATSUSHI is one of two main vocals of EXILE, which is a boy band popular primarily among Japanese women. His voice is so beautiful that it is sometimes referred to as a treasure of the Japanese music industry. He often sings sweet love songs that touch the hearts of a lot of Japanese female fans. Therefore, a lot of ATSUSHI’s fans may have been shocked by the report FRIDAY released even if their relationship has already ended.

At the moment, ATSUSHI is staying in the United States to study R&B and dance music, and he is returning to Japan in 2018.




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