January 19, 2018

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Hirotada Ototake Apologizes About His Infidelities at His Birthday Party

At his birthday party held at a hotel on April 5–one day before his 40th birthday–Hirotada Ototake apologized about his affairs, which were reported by the tabloid Shukan Shincho on March 24.

Although Ototake thought about cancelling the party in the light of the scandal, his friend who organized the party insisted that he not cancel it. In his opening speech, he apologized by saying that his affairs resulted from his own lack of integrity, and that he would like to rebuild his relationship with his wife.

Ototake’s wife said she could understand that her husband must feel a lot of stress and bitter feelings due to his difficulties taking care of himself on his own. She said she believed he would not commit adultery again.

Approximately 250 people came to the party, including Ototake’s three children. The other guests included celebrities, such as former governor of Tokyo Naoki Inose, prominent neuroscientist Dr. Kenichiro Mogi and wedding dress designer/ entertainer Uno Kanda. The range of guests demonstrated that he still has a strong group of friends who are supportive of him across various sectors of society.

Overall, the guests were very warm towards him. There was even one guest who was so touched by the strong bonds of Ototake’s family that they shed tears. However, Ototake barely smiled until the end.

Source: http://www.nikkansports.com/general/news/1627236.html


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