February 18, 2018

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Ishida Family Visits Tokyo Disneyland

On September 28th, 2017, former professional golfer, Riko Higashio (41) posted a blog post about her visit to Tokyo Disneyland with her son, Ritaro (4), her daughter, Aoba (1), and her husband, a famous actor, Junichi Ishida(63).  The blog post included a family photo, with the background of Disneyland decorated with a Halloween theme. Their four year old son, Ritaro was dressed up as Peter Pan.

Higashino wrote that Ishida became unable to move being flocked by people asking him for autographs and photos when he came to Tokyo Disneyland 20 years ago. Since then he was distanced himself from coming to the resort.

On the day they visited Tokyo Disneyland, they celebrated their friend’s birthday at a hotel, and then went to the park and went on the rides.



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