February 22, 2018

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ISIS is allegedly to have a female Japanese member

A 29 year old Japanese woman who recently converted to Islam alongside her French husband has left for Syria, allegedly to join ISIS forces in that country. While the Ministry of Foreign Affairs obtained the travel plans of the couple and attempted to persuade the two to stay in Japan, they were not successful. Once the two arrived in Turkey, in November of last year, the Ministry lost contact with them and it is unclear where the two are currently located.

The last time the woman was seen by her father was last summer, and he said he was surprised by his daughter’s change in diet and her choice of a husband – in that the father thought his son-in-law resembled a sumo wrestler. He noted she would not eat pork, and refused to eat the beef she was presented as it was not prepared under Islamic standards. With an interview with Shukanbunshun, the father mentioned that it was her decision to go to Syria and in his eyes his daughter is already dead.


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