January 22, 2018

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Justin Bieber Appears in Soft Bank CM with Pikotaro

Justin Bieber is starring as a “super student” in a TV commercial for a cell phone company, Soft Bank. The commercial started being aired in mid February, and Pikotaro, a singer songwriter, is appearing as a teacher in the commercial. Bieber triggered the viral hit of Pikotaro’s youtube video, PPAP by tweeting his video as his favorite in September of last year. During the shoot of the commercial, Pikotaro had an opportunity to thank Bieber for the success, saying the hit was because of him.

Currently a store featuring Justin Bieber and the commercial is appearing  temporarily in a building along Aoyama Dori street. At the store, original Justin Bieber T-shirts are being sold, and in addition, the school uniform that Justin was wearing in the commercial is being displayed on the second floor of the building.

(The store is closed as of March 16th.)

The youtube video of the commercial is titled

ソフトバンク CM SUPER STUDENT 「学校」篇A (60秒)

ソフトバンク CM SUPER STUDENT 「学校」篇B (30秒)





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