February 18, 2018

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KAT-TUN Members Release Comments on Koki Tanaka’s Arrest

KAT-TUN members, Kazuya Kamenashi and Yuichi Nakamaru released comments in response to the arrest of their former member. On May 27th, at the premiere of his recent movie, 美しい星, (Beautiful Stars) Kamenashi talked about the incident for the first time.

Kamenashi stated that it is unfortunate that the group name has been reported about in this way. We have to strive so that KAT-TUN will be perceived to be positive by people. He went on to say that he would like Tanaka to explain himself sincerely to his band members and his fans. On May 28th in an entertainment show, Shuichi, another KAT-TUN member, Yuichi Nakamaru said that it is just very disappointing. He said Tanaka did not used to be like that originally, but that he tended to think that being bad was cool.




  • Joanalyn malate

    I love kattun very much that’s why i feel sad,and i feel dissapointed because kattun is being dragged with this issue although they are not involve..kattun is doing all the best they can for all the fans..I hope kattun can overcome all this problems..I will always support you no matter what..kattun た”いすき。か”んは”ります。

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