February 21, 2018

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Kiko Mizuhara Visits Shanghai For Shooting

The model and actress, Kiko Mizuhara (26) recently visited Shanghai, China to shoot for the October issue of popular fashion magazine, VIVI China. Mizuhara is half Korean, and half American was born in Texas in the United States, and grew up in Kobe, Japan. She speaks perfect Japanese, but her nationality is not Japanese. Kiko Mizuhara is her stage name and her given name is Audrie Kiko Daniel.  In the October issue of VIVI China, Mizuhara made an appearance on the cover of the magazine wearing a metallic golden dress designed by Shun Watanabe. The photos for the cover page and the cover story were all taken in Shanghai. Mizushima who is an avid instagrammer with 4.7 million followers, posted a photo of the cover page on September 27th on her Instagram account, “i_am_kiko“. She posted five photos of the shooting in Shanghai on the 29th, and with the fifth photo, she commented, “Thank you ViVi China for giving me this opportunity to create this beautiful cover story in Shanghai. Every moment was really magical”, and added a thanks to all of the staff members involved in the shooting.


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