January 19, 2018

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Kimitachi Wa Do Ikiruka: Title of Hayao Miyazaki’s New Movie

Kimitachi Wa Do Ikiruka (君たちはどう生きるか roughly translates to how are you going to live?) is a novel written in 1937 by Genzaburo Yoshino who was a prominent editor of a magazine, Sekai (世界). The story revolves around Junichi Honda, a 15 year old junior high school student. Junichi lost his father two years ago, and his father asked the maternal uncle to help Junichi before he passes away. The uncle decided to become Junichi’s mentor. Uncle gave Junichi the nickname of Copel(コペル), which derives from Copernics(コペルニクス) as he started becoming curious about the world.  One day, his maternal uncle, who lives in his neighbourhood,  gave him a notebook that portrays philosophical messages. As Copel engages in philosophical dialogues with his uncle through reading the notebook, he learns about society and the world, and experiences a profound comprehension of the meaning of life. The comic based on the novel was published in August this year, and has already sold 430,000 copies. Both the comic and the novel were recently spotlighted after Hayao Miyazaki announced that the title for his new movie was taken from the title of the novel on October 28th. Due to high popularity, some bookstores have run out of the copies of the novel temporarily. Though the anticipated movie is not based on the novel, it is named Kimitachi Wa Do Ikiruka because the novel is meaningful to the leading character of the movie.

The publisher is Magazine House.

The cost is 1300 yen.

The sample of the comic can be seen in the link below.





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