January 22, 2018

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Koki Tanaka Not Being Indicted for Possesing Marihuana

On June 30th, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office decided that they would not prosecute Koki Tanaka, for his alleged possession of marihuana. Tanaka is a former member of KAT-TUN, and was arrested in the streets of Shibuya for possessing dried marihuana in his car. On July 1st, Tanaka made a post on his blog titled, “Dear Fans and Everyone who I have Relations with”.

Below is the translation of the blog post.

I am sorry that I caused a tremendous amount of concern and troubles to all my fans rooting for me and to everyone who I have relations with.

From now on, I will try being more aware of my actions, and I have reflected on myself so that from now on, I will act with responsibility as a member of society.

I apologize profusely for causing anybody any concerns or troubles.





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