January 22, 2018

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May J: Half Japanese and Half Iranian Singer Who Sang The Theme Song for Frozen in Japan

May J is a singer who is based in Japan and best known for singing the Japanese version of “Let It Go” for the Disney movie, Frozen.May J was born to a Japanese father and an Iranian mother in 1988.  Her given name is May Hashimoto, and May J is her stage name. J stands for jamileh which is a Persian word that means beautiful. Her mother Homma came to Japan to study Japanese architecture when she was 23 years old. Her grades were very high at her college in Iran, so she was given a scholarship to study abroad. She studied at Tokyo University, earning herself a PhD and subsequently met her husband, whom she soon married. Though May J has never visited Iran, her maternal grandmother had visited Japan to see her many times. Five years ago, her grandmother became very ill, and May J’s family planned a trip to see her in Iran. However, this became impossible due to May J’s tight schedule. Her grandmother passed away that year. This made her very sad, and she felt sorry for her grandmother for not being able to see her before she died.

In a TV show, Home Coming aired on June 22nd, 2016, May J visited Iran with her mother for the first time. She met her maternal uncle’s family and did sight-seeing in Iran with them. The locations that they visited were the city of Tehran and an Italian restaurant called Versailles. At this time neon colors were popular among Iranian women and she saw a lot of women wearing clothing items with neon color. This was contrary to what May J. expected, as she had thought women’s clothing were black all over.

With her mother, May J visited Isfahan, to the apartment where her grandmother lived, and her grave. In Isfahan, May J sang “Let It Go” at the Golestan Palace. Her mother always wanted to take her to the palace. At the apartment that her grandmother lived in, they met a neighbor who lived close to her room, and they talked about how her grandmother was like. At last, they visited the graveyard where her grandmother rests. May J. shed tears in front of the gravestone apologizing for not being able to visit her until the end.


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