December 15, 2017

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National Theater Posts Re-enactment of PPAP on Youtube

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National Theatre Tokyo posted their re-enactment video on PPAP on Youtube on January 13th, and it is well-received among the Japanese pubic. It has obtained approximately 220,000 views as of January 15th.  Their re-enactment is titled Pen-Nurisampo-Sampo-Pen (PNSP). In the video, Kurogo-chan, the mascot of the National Theater dances with the background music of Japanese traditional musical instruments. Kurogo-chan holds a Japanese brush for calligraphy in his right hand, and he holds sampo in his left hand, and a male singer sings “sampo pen” instead of “apple pen.”  After that, Kurogo-chan holds the same brush in his right hand, and in his left hand he holds nuri sampo , and then he puts both together, and the singer sings “Nuri Sampo Pen.”

A sampo is a traditional stand made of wood and is used for shinto ceremony. Nuri sampo is a type of sampo coated with urushi.



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Kagamimochi and Sampo

Kagamimochi and Sampo


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