October 19, 2017

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Nozomi Sasaki Plays a Sex Addict Wife in the Original Drama Series For Hulu

Nozomi Sasaki (29) is starring in the drama series titled Ame ga Furuto Kimi wa Yasashii 雨が降ると君は優しい (which roughly translates to you are sweet when it rains.) Interestingly enough, the character she plays in the drama series is a woman who is addicted to sex. The start of the drama is becoming a hot topic on the Japanese entertainment scene, as the theme of the drama series is very shocking and contradictory to Sasaki’s image, which is light hearted and happy. The distribution started on Hulu on September 16, 2017, and is a Hulu exclusive series. So far, two episodes of the eight part series have been released, with a new episode released every Saturday. The premise of the story is Aya Tachiki (30), who is played by Sasaki, is a former dokusha model and is happily married to Nobuo Tachiki (34) who is played by Tetsuji Tamayama (37), who is a vice editorial chief of a cultural magazine, but she had an illness that she was hiding from her husband, that compelled to have numerous physical relationships with men indiscriminately. Other cast members include Tae Kimura who plays Shiho Kobayakawa (42), a counselor that Aya meets for counseling sessions; Takanori Jinnai, who is played by Kazuma Kurata (53) the editorial chief of the magazine; Yuri Hirakawa who is played by Nao (23), a new editor and the daughter of Kurata; and Ikko Furuya who is played by an older writer, Shiro Onoda (73).

The story of Ame ga Furuto Kimi wa Yasashii is written by one of the most prominent script writers in Japan, Shinji Nojima. He portrays the tragic pure love of a married couple that genuinely love each other, but are tormented by wife’s addiction. Nojima primarily writes television drama series transcripts, many of which move on to be big hits. His work ranges in theme from comedy to tragedy, the many forms of family and love. In a drama series, Koko Kyoshi 高校教師 (aired 1993), translating to “a high school teacher”, depicted the “forbidden” love relationship between a male high school teacher and a female high school student. The series also confronts the taboo topic of incest between the student and her father. This drama series became popular and marked very high viewership rate. Ienakiko 家なき子 (aired from 1994 to 1995), depicted the life of an orphan and the hardships faced, also turned to be a big hit. Yumi Adachi, who played the main character in this drama series for her outstanding performance made her one of the most famous actresses in Japan at the age of 12. In Hitotsu Yame no Shita ひとつ屋根の下 (aired in 1993), he depicted a light hearted yet moving drama about a family of six members. The last episode of this drama series marked the highest viewership rate of the Fuji TV (Channel 8). This viewership rate remains the highest record of the broadcaster to this day.

In addition to appearing in many media outlets with Tamayama to talk about the Ame ga Furuto Kimi wa Yasashii, Sasaki shared information about the drama series by posting photos and comments on her Instagram account @nozomisasaki_official.  Sasaki posted a photo of blue colored screen plays of the drama series on Instagram on July 21st. She commented on the photo saying the theme color for the character Aya is blue, and her wardrobe is usually of this color and white. On August 21st, Sasaki posted a photo of herself wearing a white shirt and pale blue apron.

On August 28th, she posted a photo after the end of the shooting of her scene with Tamayama, who played her husband, gave her a bouquet of flowers to pay tribute to all of her hard work in the drama. She commented when the shooting was finished:  “The shooting started in June and ended in a blink of an eye. It must have been hard for me to play the character, but I did not feel that it was hard with very comfortable environment. I’m really grateful for the director, staff members, all the cast, especially Mr. Tesuji Tamayama and Ms. Tae Kimura who had acted in the same scenes together often. I’m really glad that I was able to play the woman, Aya. I look forward to the distribution starting on Hulu in September.”

The theme song of the drama series is “We’re All Alone” by Boz Scaggs. Sometimes foreign songs are used for the theme songs in Japanese drama series, but usually theme songs for Japanese drama series are Japanese songs, so this is another unique aspect of Ame ga Furuto Kimi wa Yasashii series.

A “dokusha” model is an unprofessional model who models for a fashion magazine. “Dokusha” is a Japanese word that means “a reader”, and a dokusha model is usually a fan of the magazine.

Ame ga Furuto Kimi wa Yasashii Official web site link: http://amefuru.com

The YouTube drama series trailer titles are “Huluオリジナル「雨が降ると君は優しい」極限の試練篇”, “Huluオリジナル「雨が降ると君は優しい」群像劇篇” , and “Huluオリジナル「雨が降ると君は優しい」悲劇的純愛篇.


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