February 18, 2018

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Nozomi Sasaki Promotes Hollywood Movie with Her Dog

Nozomi Sasaki participated in an event to promote the movie, A Dog’s Purpose with her dog, Marron on September 19th, 2017. The Japanese title for the movie is 僕のワンダフルライフ,  pronounced similarly to Boku no Wonderful Life. Boku means “my”, and no is used to indicate possession. Wonderful is a play on words on “won”, the sound of dog’s barking in Japanese, and the word “wonderful”. Sasaki is known to be a dog lover and has three dogs. In addition to Marron, a longhaired chihuahua, she has a toy poodle and a teacup poodle. On September 20th, she posted two photos advertising the movie on her Instagram account @nozomisasaki_official. One photo was of herself and Marron at the PR event.  The other photo was of herself and Marron appearing on a TV show, ZIP by NTV, to promote the movie on the same day. Regarding the photo of the movie event, she commented that she was really grateful for being able to participate in an event that depicted the bonds between humans and dogs.

You can see the dog model, Zeus, Marron, and Sasaki in the link below.


During the event, a dog named Zeus was featured along with Sasaki and her dog. Zeus became a popular topic of conversation for appearing Amazon Japan’s commercials to promote Amazon’s Prime Videos. She wrote that the eyes of Zeus were sweet and beautiful and she also said she shed many tears as she was touched by the dogs that try to find the same master, despite being reincarnated three times in 50 years. The movie is due to be released on September 29th in Japan.

Below are the titles of some of Youtube Videos of Sasaki at the PR  Event

佐々木希、愛犬マロンにメロメロ by JIJI PRESS



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