February 21, 2018

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Opinion Poll Shows Shinjiro Koizumi is Suitable for the Next Prime Minister

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An opinion poll conducted by Jiji Tsushin (時事通信)this month showed that Shinjiro Koizumi (34) is considered to be the most suitable candidate for prime minister. Koizumi is a member of Liberal Democratic Party and currently serving as the Director of the Agriculture and Forestry Division of the LDP. He is the second son of former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, and supports the abolishment of Japan’s nuclear energy program just like his father. Shinjiro Koizumi is charismatic and is widely considered to be good looking MP. He holds an MA in Political Science from Columbia University and is still single.

The survey was conducted January 8-11, and included a national sample of 2,000 men and women age 20 and over. Of the sample, 64.2% of the responses were considered valid, meaning that 35.8% of the responses could not be used.

Of the responses, 20.6% said that Shinjiro Koizumi was most suitable to be the next prime minister. In second place was Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who obtained 19.4% of the responses. In third place was Minister of Regional Revitalization Shigeru Ishiba, who obtained 12.5%. After the top three were:

  • Leader of the biggest opposition party, Democratic Party of Japan, Katsuya Okada (3.0%).
  • Minister of Finance Taro Aso (2.5%).
  • Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and current DJP MP Seiji Maehara (1.6%).
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs Fumio Kishida, Chief Secretary Cabinet Yoshihide Suga and Secretary General of LDP Sadakazu Tanigaki (1.2%) According to Jiji Tsushin, the three MPs, Kishida, Suga and Tanigaki are most likely to be the next Prime Minister.
  • LDP MP Seiko Noda, a woman (1.1%).
  • LDP MP Tomomi Inada, chairwoman of the Policy Research Council (0.9%).
  • Leader of Komei Party, Natsuo Yamaguchi (0.9%). Komei Party forms coalition parties ( coalition government) with LDP. Komei Party has a lot of followers of Soka Gakkai which is a sect of Buddhism.
  • MP Ichiro Ozawa, co-leader of People’s Lives Party, Taro Yamamoto and Friends.

In a separate survey conducted by Jiji Tsushin only among LDP supporters, the top three were: Prime Minister Abe (32.8%), Shinjiro Koizumi (21.0%) and Ishiba (18.8%).

The photos of Shinjiro Koizumi can be viewed at http://www.jiji.com/jc/d4?p=kzs139&d=d4_aa

Source: http://www.jiji.com/jc/c?g=pol&k=2016011500612


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