February 21, 2018

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Princess Mako Akishinomiya to Marry Her Colleague from College

Princess Mako Akishinomiya (25) of the Japanese royal family is to marry her colleague, Kei Komuro (25) from the International Christian University (ICU) of Japan next year.

According to a tabloid magazine, Josei Jishin, Komuro calls Mako, “Ma-chan.” Although it is not clear what the Princess calls him, Komuro goes by the nickname, “KK” among his friends.

They started dating about five years ago when they were students at the ICU. Komuro proposed marriage to Mako one year after they started dating. Their relationship was approved by both his and her parents. They went out together several times a month to places including Minato-mirai in Yokohama city, and Nagatoro in Saitama. Bodyguards accompanied their dates, but due to requests by Mako’s parents the number of the bodyguards were kept minimal. They also have dined out at conveyor belt sushi restaurants. Throughout the five years of their relationship, it was always Komuro who paid for all the expenses for their dates, and he did not let her pay even one yen.

While Mako was studying at the University of Leicester in the UK pursuing a Master’s Degree in Museum studies, Komuro sent her Christmas presents from Japan.

Komuro is living in Yokohama city and is a graduate student at Hitotsubashi University while also working at a legal office as a paralegal. Mako is working at Intermediatheque in the Tokyo University Museum.

When Komuro was a fifth grader in elementary school (ten years old), his father suddenly passed away while commuting to work. He had to stop taking his favourite violin classes due to the loss of income that followed his father’s passing. When his father died, he said to his mother, “I will stay by your side forever,” and has been dedicated to protecting his mother ever since. His mother started working at a cake shop soon after the death of her husband and she is still working there today.


女性自身 (Josei Jishin) the June 6th, 2017 issue, Kobunsha from page 35 to 39

Josei Jishin is one of the foremost tabloid magazines targeted at female audiences.

Josei is a Japanese word that means female, and Jishin in Japanese means self.


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