January 22, 2018

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Saga Shock

Liberal Democratic Party suffered from “Saga Shock” in January after the mayoral election of a new mayor for Saga Prefecture, which is known as the “Kingdom of Agriculture.” On January 11th, there was an election for a mayor of Saga Prefecture. In this election the candidate who was supported by the coalition government (LDP and Komei Party) lost and a newcomer named Yoshinori Yamaguchi won. Prime Minister Abe is trying to carry out reforms in the Japan Agricultural Association (JA) in order to reduce their authority. The TPP is considered to be a part of these reforms. Given that the elections for Lower House was won by the coalition just in December, this result was considered surprising. It is called “Saga Shock” in Japan. As Saga is known for one of the region where agriculture thrives the most, the Japanese media is wondering whether this election result will negatively influence the reforms of the JA, including TPP.



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