January 19, 2018

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Sayaka Kanda to Marry Mitsu Murata

A musical actress, Sayaka Kanda (29) announced her marriage to actor Mitsu Murata (39) on Instagram on April 26th. Her post has received 31,721 likes as of April 27th. Kanda posted a photo of herself with her father, Masaki Kanda who is also an actor on her left and on her right, her fiance with a caption sending a message that she will get married to Murata soon. She added though, that this was not the timing that she wanted to make this announcement. The photo and the message were posted soon after the breaking of this news by tabloids.

Kanda became acknowledged for her voice acting as Anna in the Japanese dubbing of the movie, Frozen. She has appeared in many musicals such as Les Miserable. At the moment, she has her hair dyed blonde to play Elle Woods, the leading character of the musical, Cutie Blonde (the Japanese title of Legally Blonde).

Sayaka’s mother is the prominent singer, Seiko Matsuda (55). According to Japanese media, Sayaka and Matsuda’s relationship has been quite hostile. Matsuda has not released her comment on her daughter’s marriage yet, despite the fact that her father was present in the announcement photo. A lot of Japanese media are assuming that this is due to the bad relationship between mother and daughter.

Source https://www.instagram.com/p/BTVObB8lCFN/?taken-by=sayakakanda&hl=ja


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